Master Consolidation

Both Times Cargo Logistic and our customers can not negate the advantages of consolidation.

First, it is cost-saving. The cost is shared proportionally for each customers. Customers do not need to care whether full truck is loaded. We will arrange by ourselves by combination from loading to distributing rationally. The routine is set in advance to minimize trucking fee

Second, dedicated fleets can provide trucks and trailers to move cargo on a regular and flexible schedule that make customers’ shipping plan be easier to match.

Third, due to regular shipping, a big problem of many production companies can be solved-Capital Cost. Cost for inventory management facilities is rather high in case customers wait for producing to load in full container. Instead, you can transfer cargo to CFS warehouse and we will arrange to ship one by one. You can "Utilize our resources, maximize your benefits"

Fourth, To enhance our consolidation service, we must have strong relationship with many logistics providers that supply entire professional distribution chain that one customer may not have and get the best rate from them

Last but not least, this is the safety. Risk is shared per many shipments. This is a fact that anyone in transportation understands and mitigates, and is the basis of risk management in shipping as we usually catch “Don't put all egg in one basket”. In addition, your shipment is cared by our experienced customer service and Terminal Operation

Until now, we launch our consolidation services from Vietnam to Asia, Europe such as Singapore , Phillipines , Indonesia , Thailand , China , Japan , Netherlands , Belgium , Germany , Uk , France and USA and vice versa. We ensure the schedule weekly and try to develop more routines to gain more customers’ satisfaction.

We believe that only one of your shipment can make us stronger, so we care even one package.

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