North America Trade

When choosing TCL for handling your shipment to America, not only you but also your customer will be peace in mind, since we are admitted and legal at America country.

We have strong network at America that can provide trucking, custom clearance, door to door services…perfectly

Besides these advantages, we also enhance the internal operation system. In spite of discrepancy in time zones, we have 24/7 customer service that can assist customer quickly.

All we do is not just to meet the customer need, but exceed their expectations!


InVietnam, there is only about 20 forwarders obtaining the FMC bond and TCL is one of them, meanwhile, others have to borrow from their America agencies or sign sub-contacts.

With FMC, we can get direct service contracts with carrier. Consequently, we are confident to offer the competitive rate, quick respond and be active for any urgent cases.


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