WCA America’s Regional Conference- Miami Jun 27th-30th 2017

This year, the 2017 America’s Regional Conference hosted 597 freight forwarders in the city of Miami, Florida; marking it the highest attended regional conference in WCA history. Delegates enjoyed formal networking throughout the world. The conference was hosted at the Hyatt Regency Miami Hotel during June 27th-30th.  

WCA Chairman David Yokeum and CEO Dan March commenced the week with a powerful plenary session that included updates on WCA’s new e-Commerce Network. Dan March explained how “The world is going through a digital transformation” and how the logistics industry is becoming more demanding as expectations continue to rise. He mentioned that WCA’s global position gives members an advantage, aligning them for success in today’s digital age. 
In just four days, delegated participated in more than 5,000 One-on-One meetings boosting business connections and global exposure. 
Representatives of TCL joini
ng the event included our President- Mr Timothy Vien and Trade Manager of North America Trade Lane- Mrs. Sam Nguyen. TCL’ core services, valu
es and strengths were well promoted and presented to partners at the conference, with more focus on partners from North America market. TCL won new business of solar panels from Vietnam and Malaysia to US East Coast main ports upon meeting with valued partners at the conference of more than 200x40’HQ as total volume from customer from both origins.